Book review - Microsoft Visual C++/CLI step by step

By Julian Templeman - See it on I've learned C/C++ few years ago, but I didn't used since. As my work and knowledge evolves, and with the support of C++/CLI within Windows Store and Windows Phone apps, I thought it was a good time to re-learn C++ and really get my hands on C++/CLI.

If you want do learn C++ "for .net platform" for the first time, or already know either c++ or .net, this book is recomended. C++ can be a "scary" language, but well-sized chapters and clear and simple explanations of this book make the learning of this language a pleasure.

If you want to learn "pure"/standard c++, this boy may not be for you, as differences between standard c++ and c++/cli are not really explained/detailed/mentionned.

There is mainly three parts : the first one is about learning c++ language syntax. In 8 chapters, you'll learn the bases of any programming langagues (variables, functions, loops and controls statements), and controlling your program's memory (one thing really important in c++).

The second part introduces you to the .net programming. As a seasoned .net developer, I've read it quite quiclky, but the content was still relevant and interesting. There are subltes differences in the way of doing the same things between c++ and C#. The third one is about common scenarios, like working with the filesystem, xml files, databases, creating a WCF service or making Windows Store apps. This last part is not really exhaustive. If you want to build Windows Store apps with C++, this book only will not provide you enough info (just what's needed to start developing a simple app, but nothing about integrating with the OS features, etc…).

Visual C++/CLI Step by step was a great reading for start writing C++ code for the .net world. I think I'll read it again, as a reference book (through the index and/or the chapters) when I'll develop my first real-world app with C++/CLI.